A house for Revolution Precrafted
Revolution Precrafted, a project of limited editions homes designed by top leading architects, has invited Raúl Sánchez to design one house to be part of their exclusive collection. Schematic design is ongoing, and more information and details will soon be published.
Duplex Tibbaut printed publications
Following a worlwide publication of Duplex Tibbaut in online magazines, the project is already being published in printed magazines all around the world, from Spain to China, going through Bulgary, Italy, Argentina... Main publications will be collected on news section.
Reinshagen house goes back to design stage More than four years since its beginning, and after uncountable problems including a three years occupation, the design of the Reinshagen house, a complete refurbishment of a tiny four stories building in Borne neighborhood, to be converted in one single house, is again in design stage.